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MaGiC Math is a special method of learning and mastering arithmetic for young students.

Arithmetic defined – (from the Greek arithmitikí), which means art of counting and from 'arithmos' which means number. It is a branch of mathematics that consists of the study of numbers, especially the properties of the traditional operations—addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Learning arithmetic also includes fractions and percentage (related to division), and exponents (related to multiplication).

A journey to a Genius Young Mathematician (discovered by a Brain Trainer and Math Scientist, Mr. Roderick “Master SPUD” Eduarte)

Mathematics defined – the abstract science of number, quantity, and space. Mathematics may be learned (pure mathematics), or as it is applied to other disciplines such as physics and engineering.

According to Albert Einstein, “Mathematics is, in its way, a poetry of logical ideas”. Math is the abstract science of number, quantity, and space. Therefore, it is applied to many disciplines such as physics and engineering. For instance, Physics is defined as the science of matter and its motion—the science that deals with concepts such as the force, energy, mass, and matter. As an experimental science, its goal is to understand the natural world, thus, it requires number to know in certainty by solving the strength and impact of force, the acceleration of force, the speed of light per second, the distance of heavenly bodies from each other, quantity of energy, the weight and volume of mass and matter by applying the number. When Einstein defined that mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas, he simply means that the number, like spoken and written language—created from letters of alphabet where spoken and written words come out and become language, so with the numbers, have its own alphabet, which is 0 – 9.

The use of arithmetic as the foundation of Mathematics represents the literary words of number (poetry of logic of numbers); therefore mastering arithmetic (the language of numbers)—(multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, exponent (Multiplication) fraction, decimal and percentage (division), is like composing a perfect grammar of numbers. Thus, it will be easy for aspiring math students taking higher math, to algebra, and to calculus to enjoy such learning. In doing so, we can make Filipinos to be math geniuses in our country—the Philippines.

That is exactly what is coined by the great Scientist, Albert Einstein, “The poetry of logical ideas.” Poetry means literary work in which special intensity is given to the expression of feelings and ideas using distinctive style and rhythm, poems collectively or as a genre of literature. This discovery on how the numbers can be best explained by giving its language (poetry) that would be easy for the children to understand by teaching the number as a language of words of poetic discourse. It means you can make a letter from alphabet, followed by words, then the grammatically correct sentence and becomes language of number. Logical describes something that comes from clear reasoning. The adjective logical is rooted in the Greek word logos, which means "reason, idea, or word." So, calling something logical means it's based on reason and sound ideas — in other words, thought out with mathematical precision and removed from emotion.

It is in this context that our Master Educator, Math Scientist and Brain Trainor --Master Roderick “SPUD” Eduarte, has discovered, developed, and introduced the formula of Magic Math Program for our young learners. To understand the poetry of numbers and to learn easier. Mr. Eduarte created the easy way of learning it. Number according to him is like a language. He describes that Einstein idea about the number is like Language that is composed of words written in literary form. Amazingly, it hits the young learners all over the Philippines and overseas. The children found it easy to digest and begin to love it, unlike before that they fear of the difficulty of studying the numbers.

Avalanche of Enrollees into the Magic Math Program

Since its inception in November 2020, the Magic Math Program has accommodated more than 200 students and increasing. For only 1/6 of the prize compare to other Math online tutorial, The Magic Math program has been the word of mouth from the parents and students who enjoyed because of the improvement of grades of their children after they joined the program.

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Kids Activities

We have different activities, we use flash cards for speed learning and easy remembering, we use memory technique for storing information in the brain of the child, we use drills, exercises, and fun games to provide the students an enjoyable learning po to hone their math skills. The kids will be highlighted-- focused on camera to perform and react on the drill given to them, while the teacher evaluates their progress! After all, we will train them on the fundamentals of the science and logic of numbers for their mathematical foundation, competitions, number spinning, drills, mental math, calculation, the children will not be bored, instead, they will enjoy while learning.


MathRathon is the way of generating a next number while marching, walking and running.

Number Spinning

Number Spinning is a 1 Minute Challenge of Speed Counting.

Card X Test

This Speed Math Test is conducted everyday. With the use of their Flash Cards, they will demonstrate their Card X Skills without the use of calculator.

M3X Challenge

The Very Challenging Activity of calculating as many as Quadrillion divided by Billion.