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  • Q. What is MaGiC Math Online?

    This is an Online Training, conducted via Zoom Meeting.
  • Q. Will my child have the same instructors and experience as they would at MemoRAISE Learning Center?

    Yes! The same highly trained, caring instructors that work in the center will work with your child using MaGiC Math Online. They’ll use the same MemoRAISE MaGiC Math Method™ our trained students know and love, tailored to your child’s exact educational needs. MaGiC Math Online even includes Workouts of the Week, Arithmetic Hidden Answer and MaGiC Math Online Sanctioned Events.
  • Q. What do I need to use MaGiC Math Online Program?

    All you need is a computer that has a microphone and an internet connection. That’s it!
  • Q. When will my local center offer MaGiC Math Online Program?

    Under the Great Reset, we will re – open our facilities under MemoRAISE Learning Center.

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