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April 20, 2020

Matinik Olympics

To keep up the young minds bright, MaGiC Math Philippines will conduct its 1st Matinik Olympics for MaGiC Math Participants, which will be held on 23 June 2023. The competition is for the contestants who mastered all MaGiC Math Courses under MaGiC Math Philippines.

Upcoming Event:

The Matinik Olympics will be held online, on 2023. Delegates representing Philippines and International Delegation, pertaining to the age group of 4-19 years are expected to compete on one global platform connected virtually, via ZOOM and Google Meet. This online global event will test the mathematical ability and the brain-brilliance endowed in young children.

Participating Delegates in the Matinik Olympics WILL exhibit their MathRathon and MathReturn Drills to generate numbers, perform their Number Spinning like a clockwork, mentally calculate their answers in a FLASH, and count in a uniformed frequency through with the use of Metronome. Calculate like a Calculator. Delegates who present the answers with maximum speed and accuracy will be declared as winners in the international competition.


Zoom Meeting and Google Meet are the Online Platforms to be used to monitor the work of the delegates and to assess their answers based on the speed and accuracy will handle the performance of them. Winning delegation will be awarded with 1 Matinik Championship Trophy, and Matinik Olympic Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals.

  • Special Awards will be as follows.
  • 1 DFSK Glory MPV 1.3 (DIESEL) - For MaGiC Math Pro Delegates ages 18-19 y/o
  • Lifetime Access to our NEW Yippee Campus SPONSORED by MemoRAISE
  • 1 ChickenBUX FoodCart - For MaGiC Math Pro Delegates ages 18-19 y/o