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It is the Counting the Line. The Road to become a Math Master. Being confined inside homes can never deter the spirit of learning and discovering in young children.
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    Master SPUD
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    P333/mo *Annual Payment
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Class Description

MaGiC Math is the Third and FINAL Course of MaGiC Math Program.

Suitable for Ages 7- 19 Years Old


Participants who wanted to PARTICIPATE in Matindi Battle and Matinik Olympics WILL BE ABLE to complete all WOW and AHA tasks and become Completers of all MaGiC Math Courses.

  • Complete at least Any of the MaGiC Math Courses
  • Become a Completer of Yippee Math.
  • Become a Completer of Vortex Math.
  • Mentally Calculate without the use of calculator.